CBQ: now with 100% more style

I would like to direct your attention to the aesthetic changes your eyes no doubt gorged themselves upon as you loaded our newly improved page. My very good friend Harley Munsie, a 3D modeling artist for Nitrogen Studios in Vancouver, graciously volunteered to craft a significantly more professional look for our site. In this host’s honest (if somewhat biased) opinion, he knocked it out of the fucking park. The logo is sleek and stylish, and makes excellent use of fonts from Earthbound, and the background, featuring D and I in an Adventure Time-esque style, is by far the greatest illustration of me that will ever exist.

Chips, Blips and Quips Episode 0.6 - Rise of the Episode Titles Pt. 1: Return of Solid D: The Goofening

Episode 0.6 of Chips, Blips and Quips is now available! Sorry for the delay, I have been having internet uploading issues, but all is fine now, and you can enjoy our longest and most quips-filled episode to date. Be sure to listen closely this episode for our new contest, Benindetto’s Music Trip. I’ll be sure to write a funny non-sequitur blog post for next weeks episode. This episode has been taken long enough as it is without me toiling over a keyboard to come up with random nonsense.

Track list coming soon

Chips, Blips and Quips Episode 0.5 - The Benindetto Lonesome Solo Show

Episode 0.5 of Chips, Blips and Quips is now available to download. Solid D was unavailable to record this week so I, Benindetto, had to take the helm and try to fumble my way through a broadcast all by my lonesome. In order to emulate D’s presence in the studio to put myself at ease, I decided to position a full sized cardboard cut out of him next to my desk. It unfortunately had the opposite effect: his cold, persisting, dead cardboard eyes stared deeply into my soul, tormenting my every word and draining my life force utterly. The whole experience was rather distracting and off putting. Upon completion of the episode, I promptly incinerated the cut-out for fear that it’s continued presence in the studio would bring a dreaded “negative vibe”. Hopefully Solid D can return for next week’s episode without issue, and hopefully his familiar face will not return the haunting memories of my first solo show, and the lifeless fibre co-host who silently tortured me with his presence.

 Track List:

  • Cyborg Blobby

    • Artist: Mazedude

    • Composers:Mark Van Hecke

    • Website:http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00881/

You’re Winner! Episode 0.4 Contest Winner Announcement

So if you were listening carefully during episode 0.4,  you may have heard Solid D and I discussing my apparent overuse of the word “um”. During our conversation I formulated a contest based on this habit of mine. A contest wherein the first person to submit an exact tally of the number of um’s I have said in every episode of Chips, Blips and Quips thus far would win the coveted prize of programming a 3 song set for a future episode. Well, as the title would suggest, a winner has already gone far above and beyond the call of duty, not only tallying the number of um’s I have said, but, well, going completely ape-shit crazy with the concept. Faithful CB&Q listener and official friend of the show Corbott sent me this incredibly concise table and  line graph, which shows a complete breakdown of all applicable speech disfluency related statistics:

As you can see, my blatant and ridiculous overuse of um is quite clear. That 45.75 UPE (Um Per Episode) average has really made me committed to improving the quality, clarity and conciseness of my banter. So thanks to the valiant efforts of one very devoted listener, you can now all enjoy a higher quality of podcast radio show, and Corbott can reap the rewards of his very own musical selections being broadcast to literally dozens of CB&Q fans around the internet! If I can count on all future contests being this mutually beneficial, then you bet your sweet ass there’s going to be more contests. Stay tuned for a new episode coming out really, really soon. In the mean time, I’m going to go practice talking to myself in the mirror

Chips, Blips and Quips, now available on iTunes!

Benindetto here with some great, great news. After some intense research and hard work, I have created a working RSS feed so you may now subscribe to Chips, Blips and Quips through iTunes, meaning our new episodes will download automatically as soon as they’re released! Simply click the RSS icon on the right and click on the “Add to iTunes” link. It should look like this. If, for whatever reason, you have a religious or moral reservation to subscribing to podcasts through any means other than the iTunes podcast directory, don’t worry! The CB&Q feed is currently under review and could very well be listed in the near future. But, for the record, subscribing to it with the link I provided will not cause your shiny new CB&Q podcast feed to function any differently in iTunes than if it was subscribed to from the podcast directory. So there you have it! Chips, Blips & Quips is now about as published as podcasts can get. If you have any technical problems, please leave a comment or email chipsblipandquips@gmail.com. Stay tuned for a new episode next week!

Chips, Blips and Quips Episode 0.4

Episode 0.4 of Chips, Blips and Quips has just been received from the Podcast Propaganda Distribution Head Offices in New York City, and has been approved for broadcast to the general public. Please fill out your PPDHO-issued report cards on this podcast’s effect on your opinions and thought patterns. Failure to submit report cards to your local area PPDHO Representative before April 14th, 2011 will result in immediate assassination.

Track List:

  • Another Winter

    • Artist: Anamanaguchi

    • Album: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Original Soundtrack

  • Omnishred (We’re Gonaa Need a Bigger Sword)

    • Artist: Powerglove

    • Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

    • Album: Metal Combat for the Mortal Man

    • Website: http://www.vgmetal.com/

  • MOTOR HEAD - Tager’s Theme Song

    • Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

    • Album: Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Original Soundtrack

  • Title

    • Artist: Straylight Productions, Michiel van den Boss

    • Album: Unreal Tournament Original Soundtrack

  • Unreal Tournament Menu

    • Artist: Straylight Productions, Michiel van den Boss

    • Album: Unreal Tournament Original Soundtrack

  • Foregone Destruction

    • Artist: Straylight Productions, Michiel van den Boss

    • Album: Unreal Tournament Original Soundtrack

  • Go Down

    • Artist: Straylight Productions, Michiel van den Boss

    • Album: Unreal Tournament Original Soundtrack

  • Antenna Cradle

    • Composers: Grant Kirkhope, Grame Norgate, Robin Beanland

    • Album: Goldeneye 007 Original Soundtrack

  • Halo Theme [Mjolnir Mix]

    • Artist: Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori

    • Album: Halo II Original Soundtrack

  • Battlefield 1942 Theme

    • Composer: Joel Eriksson

    • Album: Battlefield 1942 Original Soundtrack

  • Begin Treasure Hunting (Great Cave Offensive Area 1)

    • Composers: Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa

    • Album: Kirby Super Star Original Soundtrack

  • New Junk City

    • Artist: Mark Miller, Tommy Tallarico

    • Album: Earthworm Jim Original Soundtrack (PC)

  • Star Wolf Theme

    • Composers: Yoshie Arawaka, Yoshinori Kawamoto

    • Album: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Original Soundtrack

Chips, Blips and Quips Episode 0.3

Episode 0.3 of Chips, Blips and Quips has been painstakingly excavated from an archeological dig, and returned to it’s originally intended quality. The episode was lost when, shortly after recording the episode earlier this week, Solid D discovered a working replica of The Time Machine from the H.G. Wells novel of the same name  in his neighbor’s decrepit shed. Wanting to corner the Video Game Musis Podcast Radio Show market before it was even developed, we decided to travel back to the year 2003. In a grievous error, likely caused by years of glue huffing substance abuse, D left a zero out of our intended year of travel and were transported to the year 203. Stranded in a completely uninhabited plain in ancient northern Alberta, we spent several months learning to tame the land and hunt the endless herds of bison. In one particularly intense encounter with an alpha male, my laptop was disabled after I used it as a crude discus type weapon. With supplies limited and morale low, we came to the realization that the time machine was still fully functional and there was nothing preventing us from returning to the year 2011. Upon returning we unearthed my laptop from beneath the parking lot of Wal-Mart and began work on restoring it. Some of our advanced techniques can be witnessed here. Thanks to our valiant efforts, you can now enjoy the following track list of great music:


Track List:

  • Good Egg Galaxy

    • Composer: Koji Kondo

    • Performed by: Mario Galaxy Orchestra

    • Album: Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack

  • Under Construction/New Beginnings

    • Composer/Performer: Jerry Martin

    • Album: The Sims Original Video Game Soundtrack

  • Team Fortress 2 Theme

    • Composed by: Mike Morasky

    • Album: The Orange Box

  • All Blues

  • Demise of the Ceremony

    • Composed by: Kow Otani

    • Album: Shadow of the Colossus OST

  • Messenger From Behind

    • Composed by: Kow Otani

    • Album: Shadow of the Colossus OST

  • Opened Path

    • Composed by: Kow Otani

    • Album: Shadow of the Colossus

  • Stage 1

    • Composed by: Mutsuhiko Izumi, Miki Hagashino

    • Album: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

  • Green Planet

    • Composed by: Konami Co., Inc. (Artist Unknown)

    • Album: Bucky O’hare (NES)

  • Stage 1

    • Composed by Tim Follin

    • Album: Silver Surfer (NES)

  • Chrono Plains

    • Composed by: Yansouri Mitsuda

    • Performed by: Shnabubula

  • Into the Thick of it

    • Composed by: Hiroki Kikuta

    • Performed by: The OneUps

    • Album: Volume 2

  • Theme of Athletic (Yoshi’s Island)

    • Composed by: Koji Kondo

    • Performed by: Mario & Zelda Big Band

    • Album: Mario & Zelda Big Band Live

  • Snake Eater

    • Composed by: Harry Gregson Williams

    • Performed by: Cynthia Harrell

    • Album: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Original Soundtrack

    P.S. The name of the next game Team Ico is making is called The Last Guardian

Chips, Blips and Quips Episode 0.2

Episode 0.2 of Chips, Blips and Quips is now available for your listening enjoyment. Get it here

Track List:

  • X-1234

    • Composer: Koji Kondo

    • Performed by: Armcannon

    • Album: Armcannon 2: Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor

    • Website: http://armcannon.com/

  • Curse of the Funk (This Place is Dead Anyway)

    • Composed by: Hidenori Maezawa, Jun Funahashi, Yukie Morimoto

    • Performed by: The OneUps

    • Album: Intergalactic Redux

    • Website: http://www.theoneups.com/

  • 3 Beers Deep

    • Composed by: Sievert

    • Album: Chips, Dips and Facerips

  • Concept of Love

    • Composed by: Hideki Naganuma

    • Album: Jet Set Radio future OST

  • Funky Dealer

    • Composed by: Hideki Naganuma

    • Album: Jet Set Radio future OST

  • Like it Like That

    • Composed by: Hideki Naganuma

    • Album: Jet Set Radio future OST

  • Battle for the Badge

  • Radio PSI Ads

    • Written by Bill Eager 

    • Music by Keichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka

  • Betus Blues

    • Composed by dB Soundworks

    • Album: Super Meat Boy! Double CD Special Edition Soundtrack

    • Website: http://dbsoundworks.com/

  • Da Black Market

    • Performed by: Crazy Crackaz

    • Album: Bound Together

  • Godot - The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

    • Composed by: Noriyuki Iwadare

    • Album: Turnabout Jazz Soul

Chips, Blips and Quips, Episode 0

Here it is!

The pilot episode of Chips, Blips and Quips, with Benindetto and Solid D.

Track Listing:

  • Super Mario 64 Opening Overworld Theme

    • Composer: Koji Kondo

    • Performed by: The Big Band of Rogues

    • Album: Mario & Zelda Big Band Live

  • Rockin’ on Heavens Door

    • Composer: Yansunori Mitsuda

    • Arranged and Performed: Danimal Cannon of The Bad Dudes

    • Album: Chronotorious

    • Website: www.baddudesmusic.com/

  • Make Oneself

    • Composed and Performed by: Daisuke Ishiwatari, Koh-Ichi Seiyama

    • Album: Guilty Gear XX The Midnight Carnival Soundtrack

  • The Moon and The Prince

    • Composed and Performed by: Akitaka Tohyama, Kenji Ninuma

    • Album: Katamari Fortissimo Damacy

  • Salty Sailor

    • Composed and Performed by: David Arkenstone

    • Album: World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth

  • Hot Head Hop

    • Composed by David Wise

    • Album: The Original Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack

  • Bramble Blast

    • Composed by David Wise

    • Arranged by Shogo Sakai

    • Album: Super Smash Bros. Brawl OST

  • Life in the Mines

    • Composed by David Wise

    • Arranged by Benindetto

  • Civilization IV Medley (Baba Yetu)

    • Composed by Christopher Tin

    • Performed by The Video Games Live Orchestra

    • Album: Video Games Live! Volume One

  • Hyrule Field

    • Composer: by Koji Kondo

    • Arranged by: Ryuichi Katsumata

    • Strings performed by: Kuwafuji Joe Strings

  • Light up the Night

    • Composed and Performed by: The Protomen

    • Album: Act II – Father of Death

Coming soon…?

Coming soon…?